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« We need more compassionate,

profoundly considerate and wise people

piloting our collective fate

and they must be courageous too. »

Opening Statement by Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at the Human Rights Council 27th Session

Cooperation Projects
Supporting regional representatives and partners programs
Working together
to generate common understandings and comprehensive response at country level in today's times
PNI development cooperation projects aim at creating synergies that maximize the effectiveness of current investment :


1. Working for peace, improving life quality by providing decent job for young people and focusing in social equity


2. Promoting access to energy for those who need it


3. Enhancing conservation and management of forests and other ecosystems


4. Territory-resilient rural development and infrastructure investment


5. Strengthening communities to develop their capacity to plan, implement, monitor and improve community development actions


6. Strengthening the capacity of community-based forest management


7. Enhancing comprehensive health risks management


8. Enhancing comprehensive climate risk management


9. Increasing adaptive capacity and resilience through access to education, to financial services and resources such as banks, to technical and vocational skills training


10. Investing in women's economic empowerment in a lasting, sustainable way to transform their futures


11. Improving children’s wellbeing and their abilities to get a better start in life as well as parenting education and support


12. Investing in early childhood care, development and education and persuade governments to place early childhood development on the national agenda and to commit budgetary resources to address these issues


13. Mobilizing public opinion toward recognizing the value of investing in the early years of life


14. Encouraging to incorporate rural health considerations into health policies and programs


15. Developing constructive relations between the UN and civil society organizations


16. Improving the social climat


17. ...

PNI has with its partners strong and lasting links and is respectful of their mode of action on the ground. Its partners serve their respective local population in the MENA region, West AFRICA and MADAGASCAR with the humanitarian, economic and social development and promotion of human rights.

Promoting a multi-stakholders approach 

Partnerships provide all sorts of benefits, such as new forms of collaboration, new resources

and bringing public and private purposes together and is as such a catalyst for positive change.



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